Sassari is the most important city of Northern Sardinia, and the second most populous center of the island. It’s an ancient city, brimming with history and culture, and with a historical centre that begs to be discovered on a pleasant stroll. Monuments, green areas, grand squares – Sassari is built on a human scale and it envelopes you in its history, ranging from the times of the Rule of the Judges (‘giudicati’, 9th-15th centuries), and the marine republics, to those of the royal house of Savoia, up until the great chracters of modern history like Enrico Berlinguer, Antonio Segni, and Francesco Cossiga.
Sassari also is the city of grand traditional events: an example of which would be the festa de I Candelieri, a unique procession with massive popular participation that is celebrated on August 14; or take the Sardinian Cavalcade, one of the biggest events on the island that takes place on the penultimate Sunday in the month of May, when a parade with over 3000 traditional Sardinian costumes, representing towns from all over the territory, offer  the thousands of visitors an unforgettable sight.